Friday, 12 May 2017

Terms of rank explained

Jokyo nim = 1st Dan black belt
Jokyo nim is helper. Help out in class, sweeping, cleaning, partnering colour belts, help instructor demonstrate techniques. Practicing 1st Dan techniques and learning 2nd Dan techniques.

Kyosa nim = 2nd Dan black belt
Kyosa nim helps out in class. Organising the cleaning etc and taking attendance, collecting fees. Teaching some colour belt techniques. Practicing 1st and 2nd Dan techniques and learning 3rd Dan techniques.

Kyobum nim = 3rd Dan black belt
Kyobum nim is learning to teach. Taking class, solving problems with the guidance of their teacher.
Can grade students up to 1st Dan with supervision.

Sabum nim = 4th Dan black belt
Sabum nim is teacher. Sabum nim has passed teacher exam and proven they want to do all they can for Hapkido.

Can grade up to 3rd Dan.

Note: Nim = sir when following rank/level

Time required between grades.
Colour belts: minimum 12 hours training.
1st Dan to 2nd Dan: 1 year training
2nd Dan to 3rd Dan: 2 years training
3rd Dan to 4th Dan: 3 years training

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