Saturday, 15 August 2015

Health and Fitness Benefits of Hapkido

Fitness, weight loss and improvements in health are all natural outcomes from Hapkido training.
  • Develop strength of character.
  • Reduce the effects of stress.
  • Gain self-defence skills
  • improve overall fitness
  • health
  • flexibility
  • confidence

People of any age, size and gender can learn and perform effective Hapkido techniques.
There are over 600 muscles in your body and you will use every one of them in an average Hapkido class.
An adult student can burn over 4100 kilojoules in an average Hapkido class which may result in significant weight loss
Increased flexibility from Hapkido training can improve posture.
Children training in Hapkido develop greater self-confidence and respect for others, making them less likely to be bullied.

There are many more flow on affects from training in Hapkido. Book your free trial lesson now.

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