Monday, 16 December 2013


Motivation- To move your body, you must first move your mind. To move your mind, you must be energised by an internal or external stimulus. This mental spark or powerful stimulus is known as motivation.

Question; "So you want to be a Hapkido Black Belt??"

1 "Well, start training like one!" Its that simple. Train hard - "SWEAT"

2 Don't become complacent - always look ahead. Set a goal and go for it."All know the way; few actually walk it."

3 Become self correcting - Not critical of ourselves, just correcting. Check your stances, check your form, how you kick and punch etc

4 Visualise - Imagine yourself doing the techniques and performing well. You can do this any time.(lying in bed, walking,in the shower etc)

5 Train for the journey - it has no end! Enjoy and learn.After all a black belt is only the beginning,just the basics.You have a lifetime of learning ahead.

6 Slow down.Never sacrifice technique for speed otherwise you are just learning poor technique!!

7 Observe - Watch and evaluate.Look at the black belts. Emulate them - how they move, breath, their demeanour and posture .Choose a model and visualise yourself performing just like them.

8 Be positive - commit to short and long term goals and re-set them constantly.Use positive self talk.

9 Learn - It is a school/art after all. We are all students. Open yourself to learning.Those who have trained in other martial arts, empty your cup.

10 Commit to the traditions of your martial art. - True martial artists do this.They "become a model of the product of Hapkido" Commit to the beliefs and rules. This will ensure all the benefits achieved through training e.g self discipline, confidence, co-ordination etc will be passed on into your everyday life. Read your student handbook.

11 Realise that there is no competition - only with yourself

12 Try - If only some people would put their minds forward and try. Tell yourself you can. Never say I can't but ask yourself "can I?" Can I stands for, "Constant and never ending improvement" Give yourself a break and stop using the negative words like "I can't" and substitute it for "can I?"

13 Persistence beats resistance - Remember that your training is a journey. Its not how we walk in through the door but how we walk out every time that matters. Train harder, push yourself every time you train and reap the benefits in and out of the Dojang. Just like anything in life if you work through things one step at a time and continue to learn and persist, you are surely to succeed eventually.

14 Failure is the predecessor to success - Without first failing, we cannot succeed. Never accept failure as failure. Never!  See it as a stepping stone on the road to success and failure will become a part of the process of growing up and finding a way to perfection. Overcoming failure, learning from mistakes, will give you the inner strength needed to improve,sustain and master technique.

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